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The Auto Shop where the main construction of the robot takes place. This room is the home of many students throughout the entire year, especially during FRC build season. Our construction team works on multiple things all day, such as prototyping our robot designs, fabrication of our drive train wheels and drive train connectors, etc. An interesting fact is that we are the first ever high school in Hawaii to have a waterjet; and the autoshop is the waterjet's home.

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The Documentation Room is home to several divisions of the Documentation Subteam. It is also the official team room, all team meetings are held here. The room is also where students in the program take a robotics-directed career-core pathway class in communications.This room is also where the documentation and web-site sub-team spends most of their time, trying to get their work done for the day. 

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The VEX facilities is located in Waialua High School's C building, where Mr.Lee's main office is also located. Mainly, this is where VEX students work on their robot for this year’s upcoming competitions.  Most of the space in the room is occupied by the playing field, where students on the team practice and test out the robots that they have built, fix any complications that they have.  Also in the VEX room, students are able to access any equipment and tools that they need to get their task done. 

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The stock room, which used to be the main robotics room, was donated to us by a team of students, community volunteers, and personnel from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Detachment Pacific. This is where we store all of the metal and plexi glass.  




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testing room


The robotics construction room is where the playing field is set for testing the robot. When you first walk into the room, you are greeted by all the past awards and gifts the team has ever recieved. This room also holds the milling machine, which is where the wheels for the robot are made. There is also the programming sub-team located in the robotics construction room. They work with the prototype robot and test the robot on our playing field that is set up.

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Next to visual media, the graphics and animation divisions have their own room. This is where graphics and animation do all of their work. Animation works constantly on their 3D video for competition, while graphics works on making designs for the Waialua Robotics web site, Team 359’s shirts, and the pit crew booklet. Lastly, we have an additional graphics room where construction support/graphics make banners and stickers for Team 359.

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