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* This season, The Hawaiian Kids consists of 5 teams: 359A, 359D, 359X

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North Shore VEX Tournament

On September 29th and 30th our team hosted this year's North Shore VEX Competition. On Friday we started setting up our cafeteria after school before the teams arrived that night for robot inspection and preparation for Saturdays competition.

On Saturday we started early before teams arrived to get everything else setup. We had 37 teams come down to compete. Our qualification match started and all three of our VEX teams were doing very well. We had a quick lunch break at the concession stands before starting back up with our matches. Team 359A came in first place. All of our teams made it to semifinals and team 359A and team 359D made it to the finals. In the finals it was now 359A against 359D. At the end, team 359A, 4142A, and 2437 became our tournament champions! Our two other teams did amazing as well! Thank you for everyone who came down to participate. Also thank you mentors, volunteers and students for helping us put on this competition!




Pan Pacific Championships

On November 3rd through the 5th, Team 5359 participated in the ECUH Pan Pacific Championships held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Both VEX high school teams ( Team 359A and Team 359X) attended the tournament. Before the competition, they made sure they were all prepared in every aspect for the competition. All teams started the next day off by practicing and getting ready to finish the qualification matches. For the most part, both teams did well in their games and skills challenges. Both teams had exactly 10 matches each. Team 359A were undefeated while Team 359X had 6 wins and 3 losses. Team 359A was ranked #1 in the skills division with a score of 104 while Team 359X had their highest score of 72 and were able to be ranked #7. For alliance selection, Team 359A was aligned with ranked #1 7700R the Rolling Robots and Team 1037B Molokai Farmers. Team 359X also participated in the alliance selection as they were chosen by Team 394 Highlands Intermediate Robotics and Team 2437A Lancer Robotics. Unfortunately, 359X didn’t make it to the finals but team 359A ended up qualifying for the finals match. Fortunately, Team 359 A won the tournament! Both VEX teams were proud of how they did in the competition. Awards were given at the end of the tournament. Team 359A won the Robot Skills Winner, Build Award and Tournament Champions. While Team 359X won the Educate Award. Overall, the Pan Pacific tournament was a great experience for all the teams, win or lose, the Hawaiian Kids did their best had fun!




Big Island VEX Tournament

On November 10-11, The Hawaiian Kids travelled to the compete in the Big Island VEX Tournament. Both Team 359A and Team 359X competed as they proudly represented our Waialua Robotics team. On Friday, the teams did their usual inspections and set up in preparation for Saturday. On Saturday, they began and finished matches, did a few interviews and participated in the alliance selection. With an early start on Saturday morning, both teams prepared themselves for their matches and their skills. With qualification matches at an end, Team 359A went 12-2 while Team 359X had 13-1. For alliance selection, Team 359 formed an Waialua alliance with Team 1869A and won the Big Island VEX Tournament! At the end of a very competitive but fun competition, Team 359A won Tournament Champions, Robot Skills and Think Award. On the other hand, Team 359B won Tournament Champions and the Excellence Award. The team had fun at their mini trip and their last regular tournament for the 2017-2018 season!




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