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Team 359 - The Hawaiian Kids

Lake Superior Regional

Team 359 began their 2016 season at one of the coldest regionals 359 experienced, the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, Minnesota. The team spent almost a week in Minnesota and visited many new places. After checking in at Comfort Inn Minneapolis, they shopped at Mall of America. Since they were new to the cold, they decided to have some fun in it before competition started. In the wintry weather The Hawaiian Kids actually went snowboarding the whole day!

Snowboarding and shopping seems fun, but the competition is where the real action happened. Lake Superior Regional was held at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. On the first day of competition, the team went straight to work by setting up their pit and practicing their robot. Other team members interacted and passed out the homemade omiyage to other students, teachers, and judges from teams all around the country. Complications with the robot was handled, then ready for qualification matches the next day. Team 359 split right into action on competition day and won seven out of eight matches the entire regional. They soon ended their day at a team social and met other robotics team members.

On the last day of the Lake Superior Regional, Team 359 ranked #2 and entered as the first seed alliance with Team 4009 4009 Denfeld DNA Robotics and Team 6175 Mystery Machine. They quickly breezed through the quarter and semi final rounds and arrived at the final match. Alliance #1 won both solid matches and took home the blue banner. The Hawaiian Kids also received the Quality Award from Motorola and our very own student, Cody Miyataki was a Dean’s List Award Finalist. A celebration dinner was followed after at the team’s favorite place, Olive Garden. Team 359 is glad to come back home to warm weather and three new awards.


New York Regional

The Hawaiian Kids flew a long 12 hours to the east coast to participate in the New York Tech Valley Regional. The team previously competed in the New York City Regional in 2011 and decided to return to New York 5 years later. The New York Tech Valley Regional was held at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

A total of 34 teams participated in the event including teams from Canada, China, and The Netherlands. During the three days of the competition from March 17-19 the team passed out Omiyage to other teams including ice scrapers, leis, lanyards, buttons, and stickers to visitors and competitors. On Saturday at the end of  qualification matches the team ranked #1 with a record of 11-1. Team 3990 from Montreal and Team 4508 from Saratoga Springs accepted to join the first seeded alliance and made it all the way to the Final Matches. The first seed came out on top,  won the tournament, and took home another blue banner. The team also won the Innovation in Control Award.



Hawaii Regional

On the last weekend of March, the Waialua Robotics team participated in their home-state regional at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This was the third and last regional the Hawaiian Kids were going to participate in before Worlds. On practice day, the team decided to enhance their shooting. They also determined how long it takes the robot to shoot and weaken the tower, and to also weaken the defenses. Other team members helped set up the pit area. Students were prepared to talk to judges and share about the program.

Qualification rounds went by smoothly with a little tough bumps in the road. for team 359. The team finished qualifications with a record of 14 wins and 3 losses and ranked #1. On the last day of the regional, Team 359 was the #1 alliance and the team captain with Team 368 - Team Kika Mana and Team 5453 - Red Comet. The alliance easily flew through quarterfinals. Unfortunately, after a slight malfunction with the robot caused the alliance to not beat their opponents in the semifinals. At the award ceremony, Team 359 won two awards; the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors and the Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories.


FRC Worlds

The Hawaiian Kids left paradise and traveled to the final competition of the 2016 season. Team 359 participated in the FIRST World Championship at St.Louis, Missouri from April 27 - April 30, 2016.

The team arrived in Missouri a little early, so they decided to have fun before the big competition. A few hours away, the team went for a long ride to Branson. In Branson, the team went go karting and to Pizza World to have delicious gourmet pizzas for lunch. They also enjoyed special entertainment at the Legends in Concert performance that featured Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, etc. There is never a time where the team misses their favorite thing to do, so you bet the team went shopping!

After a few days of fun, it was time for the another competition with the Stronghold game. The team came in with positive attitudes and prepared to have fun. Practice was the same as always, making sure they detected their problems and improved it. The next few days flew by as the team met new people and played in the carver division. Team 359 was Ranked 42 with a record of 6-7-0. Team 503 - Frog Force chose Team 359 and Team 4607 - C.I.S. to play after the qualification matches. Unfortunately, the alliance was eliminated in the quarterfinals. After the competition, the team enjoyed an inspirational speech by famous artist, Will.I.Am. Overall, the team had a great time and couldn’t wait to return home.





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