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* This season, The Hawaiian Kids consists of 5 teams: 359A, 359B, 3590A, 3590B, & 3590C


Inland Empire Regional

On the 26th of Feb to the 1st of Mar, Team 359 the Hawaiian Kids competed in Palm Springs California at the Inland Empire Regional. Being the first tournament of the season, we had some difficulty working out some bugs at the start, but throughout the day the team was ableto make their way into the winners circle. Going 10-2 we came out as the second seed. Being graciously picked up by 1572, we came together as an alliance and ended up rounding out the first seed with Team 3562. After three intense finals matches our alliance pulled out as #1 taking home the infamous blue banner. In addition to winning the tournament we also won the Industrial Design Award. With less then a week to rest our team will be packing up again headingto the Inaugural Australian Regional which we were invited to this past season. 


Australia Regional

On March 9th 2015, THe Hawaiian Kids left for their second international competition this year. This Competition was held in the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia in the same stadium that housed Taekwondo and Table Tennis for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The competition started on Thursday, March 12th, with practice matches and inspection. Inspection was completed quickly and the team even helped some of the rookie inspectors learn their jobs a little bit better. After lunch practice matches started and the team was on the field every possible moment. By the end of the day, the drive team showed a lot of improvement and became more consistent.

Qualification matches went well on Friday and Saturday morning. After twelve great matches the team ended up seeded second and advanced into the alliance selection. When the first seeded team (4613)  decided to pick their Australian friends (3132 and 5333) it was up to the Hawaiian Kids to try and come out on top. They decided to go with TAS Robotics (4253) and Qingdao Eastern School (5601). From the start it looked like it would be a close set of final matches with the quarter and semi finals having the average scores seeding them at first and second. Team 359’s alliance heading into the finals was averaging less than 4613’s alliance. In a series of three incredibly close matches The Hawaiian Kids prevailed and won the Inaugural Australian Regional. During the awards ceremony the team also won the Engineering Excellence Award and fellow Hawaii Team 3008 won the regional Chairman’s Award. Following the tournament, the team explored much of New South Wales and then flew back to the islands on March 18th.



Hawaii Regional

On Wednesday, March 25th - Saturday, March 28th  the Hawaiian kids participated in the 8th annual Hawaii FRC regional held in the Stan Sheriff center in UH Manoa.  The team was really reaching their full potential this tournament, as it is their third event all season.  On practice day, the team decided to enhance their stacking abilities by building a ramp to put in front of the tote chute.  This ramp decreased the time it took to stack totes, and increased their scores by allowing them to stack more.  After the ramp was built, the team spent the rest of practice day altering and improving their strategies in order to accompany their newest feature.

The first day of qualifications went by smoothly for team 359, despite the drive team having to adjust to the new ramp and going through one match with a broken tote chute in the human player station.  The Hawaiian kids ended the first day of qualifications by redoing the match which they had a broken tote chute, and securing the number 1 ranking.

On the last day of the Hawaii regional, the Hawaiian kids ended up being 1st seed and formed an alliance with teams 368 and 3880.  This alliance made it to the finals, in which they were against teams 610, 3132, and 3721.   In the first round of finals, Waialua and 610 locked arms during the autonomous period, which made Waialua stuck and caused 610 to get a red card.  Waialua went on to win the second round of finals and take home the blue banner for the third time this season.


FRC Worlds

With one world championship winding down, it was time for the next one to get into full swing. Several FRC students met with the rest of the group and prepared to travel to Branson Missouri for a little fun before the FIRST Championship. A quick ten hour drive later and the Hawaiian Kids were ready to have a good time in Branson. The next day was filled with lots of go-karts, shopping, Krispy Kreme, and other fun activities to relax before the stress of the Championship. The following day, the team visited the original Bass Pro Shop and then finished up the road trip in St. Louis the day before the real work began.

Wednesday was a surprisingly busy day. First events usually run thursday through saturday with thursday being practice day. At the Championship there is an extra half day of qualification matches because of how large the event is. Wednesday started out with a very abnormal museum visit at the St. Louis city museum  and then the team went to the Hall of Fame pizza party at the competition venue. After the pits opened to everybody it was time to retrofit the new robot components and get inspected for the following day.

Thursday and Friday were comprised of Qualification matches that went generally well for the Hawaiian Kids. With the system this year being the average score the team earns in these matches one match can hurt a team for their final rankings. That is exactly what happened in the first match where human error caused a score of 20 to weigh on the average ranking score for the team. The team slowly climbed back to a decent seed with well played matches until they reached 11th place in the final rankings.

Saturday started out with Alliance selections where the Hawaiian Kids were selected by our friends at Team 368 Kika Mana (who were the fourth seed). For later picks we also added Team 337 and Team 144 to our alliance. the quarter finals were challenging but the alliance advanced into the semis with the highest average score. The semifinals were great matches and the alliance came out with the second highest average and the highest match score. For the first time ever the Hawaiian Kids advanced to the division finals. The finals came down to two nail biting matches in which the fourth seed came out on top, won the Carver division, and advanced to the Einstein field. Einstein was an incredibly fun experience for the team and even after being eliminated in the quarterfinals on einstein (seeding sixth) the final matches were a blast to watch and the team was able to get up close and personal being about ten feet away from the field. First Championship proved to be thrilling experience for rookies and veterans alike. On April 26th the team took two quick flights home and got home in time for school on monday. The Hawaiian Kids were thrilled to be so successful at Champs and are determined to try and repeat for next year.




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