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This past week Mr. Prince came to visit our small town of Waialua to learn about our lead mentor Glenn Lee and our robotics program. Mr. Prince came all the way from the UK to interview Mr. Lee for the Global Teacher Prize to learn why he deserves the award. The award is a one million dollar prize. We greeted Mr. Prince with aloha and showed him around our robotics facilities so he can get to know where we work and what this team is all about. After the tour Mr. Prince decided to interview some students, mentors, and Mr. Lee. He asked about our robotics experience to learn more in depth about this program and Mr. Lee as a teacher. On Saturday he came to watch the VEX states competition and got to see what competitions are like. He stayed at our school until Tuesday and did work while observing us through a busy work week. We appreciate you coming here Mr. Prince and taking time to learn about Mr. Lee and the Hawaiian Kids!

Update: On February 14, 2018 our lead coordinator Glenn Lee was named one of the top 10 finalists for the 2018 Global Teacher Prize of $1,000,000 announced by famous philanthropist, Bill Gates! Turns out that Mr.Prince's visit was to capture a five minute introductory video all about Mr.Lee. We are crossing our fingers as we wish Mr.Lee the best of luck!

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