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The Hawaiian Kids went to Zhengzhou, China for the fourth annual CRC competition. Teams from all over China came to be mentored by international FIRST teams from the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Mexico and Canada! Every international team was assigned one or more Chinese teams during the workshop. 359 was paired with teams 9084, 9079, 9074 and 9047. For three days, they worked on everything from building to the wiring. Then, all of the international teams went on a three day excursion adventuring around Luoyang and Xi'an with CRC. They went to the Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grotto, Terra-cotta warrior and more. After that, 359 checked back on the teams they mentored to see if they need any last-minute help before the competition started!

During load-in our drive team members set up the pit, worked out some problems with the robot, and passed robot inspection. Day one consisted of passing out omiyage, practicing on the field, scouting and making sure that the Chinese teams understood all of the rules. Then came the second and third day where the competition began. Qualification matches were longer because of the amount of teams participating. For alliance selection, they were picked by team 6394, and chose 3937 and 9071 as their partners. In elimination matches, they didn’t move on to the semifinals, but they tried their best and showed good sportsmanship. Two elimination brackets were played: one for all of the teams competing, and one just for the Chinese teams. Chinese teams had their own finals matches. Waialua’s students learned so much about the culture and had so much fun making new friends. Thank you to China Urban Youth Robotics Alliance (CUYRA) and Dadalele for giving international teams financial support. Team 359 is looking forward to visiting China again for the next China Robotics Competition!


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