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Time flies when you’re working hard, and just like that we are in week two. Our students and mentors have been busy finishing our CAD prototypes, documenting robot parts for inventory, as well as updating our team binders.

Over in the auto shop we have been working on building our lift and drive train. In addition, brackets and other small parts were being drawn, designed, and manufactured. The construction team also completed all intake prototypes, while the control systems crew continued to evaluate programming tests and clean up their code. The documentation team has been making progress, by taking videos and pictures to update and edit the website. They have also started working on our safety and technical binder. On Monday and Tuesday The Hawaiian Kids were visited by Mr.Prince, a UK representative of the Global Teacher Prize. We taught Mr.Prince about the different aspects of our program through a quick tour of our robotics facilities and by interviewing team members and mentors. Later on within the week our animation team began to work on the 2018 FRC digital animation award. They completed their storyboard, all drawings, and have started animating their “Power up” submission on Adobe Premiere Pro. Stay tuned to see what we accomplish during our third week of build season!

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