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With week three wrapping up this means we’ve reached our half way mark in the 2018 FRC build season.

The construction team has been very busy making various parts for the robot such as brackets, axles, and spacers. The water jet team has been diligently working this entire week having to cut metal not only for the robot but for our new drivers station. The CAD crew worked on drawing new designs to be cut by the construction support team.Control systems continued making the bread board for the robot and tinkered around with the pneumatics. Throughout the week, documentation has been continuously updating our binders, website, and social media accounts which are in the description below. We also finished making our omayagi that we’ll be using for our future competitions. And before we go, we’d like to wish Mr.Lee a wonderful 30th birthday! Let's hope that the rest of the build season goes as smoothly as this week did.



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