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It’s a new year which means another FRC Build Season!  On January 6th we woke up bright and early to drive to McKinley High School for the 2018 FRC Kickoff. This years game, FIRST Power Up, includes field elements like power up cubes, a scale and a switch for these cubes. After the exciting reveal we went to our annual zippy’s breakfast.

With some many ideas in our heads we were eager to start the brainstorming and prototyping process. The whole team split up into three groups to start inputting their ideas. This year we got straight into the prototyping and made 3 intakes by the end of the first night. After that our team went their separate ways to start to build, document, program, cad and whatever else needed to be done like omiyage. Our team started construction on the field pieces like scale and switch and finalized which intake and lift to use. The documentation team captured the whole process by taking pictures and videos. They updated the website, created this weeks summary video and continued working on updating our binders. Our programmers started work on 2 breadboards and CAD started creating CAD files. This week Hawaii News Now came and did a segment on our robotics program they got a tour of our facilities, learn about our program and got to interview our lead mentor Mr. Glenn Lee. Also Mr. Lee is one of the top 50 teachers competing for the one million dollar Global Teacher award. Additionally, we got to participate in 3132 Thunder Down unders FIRST Help Now Hotline to help assist other FRC teams around the world. Stay tuned for more weekly updates!


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