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Name: Randy Wood

High school attended: Mesa High School

Favorite song/Musician: Just about anything by Willie Nelson

Position on team: Electronics, computers, and programming mentor

Dream House: My home in Waialua

Favorite food: Mexican food

What have you learned about yourself as a mentor on the robotics team?
Starting my third year with the team, I find that I am now addicted to the robotics program.  The association with the kids and other mentors are exciting and satisfying.

Why did you decide to be a mentor on the robotics team?
I read about the team at the end of the 2007 season, followed the team web site all through the 2008 season, and went to the 2008 Hawaii Regional. I was impressed with the goals of FIRST and the breadth and quality of experiences offered to the students at Waialua High School.

What do you think the kids benefit from most in robotics?
On the practical side, some learn to fabricate and assemble the robot, some learn programming the robot, and some learn how to create documentation, web sites, DVD videos and presentations. On the intangible side, all learn teamwork, time management, and working with an immovable deadline.


What do you enjoy most about being a mentor on the robotics team?
The kids! Watching young minds grasp new concepts is amazing. And the energy – being in a room with 20 teenagers working on a project is better than a 6 pack of Red Bull.

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