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Name:  Linda Souza

Subteam/Position:  Administration Support Mentor

Occupation: Educational Assistant

High School attended: Waialua High & Intermediate, Hawaii

Interesting facts: None

Favorite memory in robotics:
Watching the finals in New York

Why did you decide to help out the robotics team?
I decided to help Waialua’s Robotics team because of the wonderful opportunities that FIRST offer the students.  Seeing all enthusiasm that the students get to build from.

What do you enjoy most about robotics?
The one thing that I enjoy the most is working with the robotics students and mentors.  See them work as a team and complete the robot in 6 weeks, to see each student grow and see all the things they can accomplish in life.

What have you learned about yourself as a mentor?
I have learned that teamwork between the students and the mentors is very important to have a successful season.  During the 6 weeks of building the robot, time management is a mist and no matter what, don’t forget your family.

What do you think the kids benefit from most in robotics?
FIRST Robotics is an excellent program.  Through the years I have seen it grow and provide lots of opportunities for students and adults.  With help and guidance the students can accomplish any goal that they set for themselves.  They will also gain knowledge in the field of science and technology.



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