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Name: Victoria Pescaia

High School Attended: Giessen American High School Giessen, Germany

Favorite Song: Tainted Love by Soft Cell

Dream House: Off the grid in Pupukea

Position on Team: Website/Graphics Mentor

What have you learned about yourself as a mentor on the Robotics Team?
Make the kids figure it out...I spent too much time trying to find a solution when the kids are just as capable. I needed to let them struggle to feel the success of problem solving.

Why did you decide to help out the Robotics Team?
I love the kids involved-they're a little nutty, but super dedicated.

What do you enjoy most about the Robotics?
Being proud of the kid's products.

What are some benefits that students gain from Robotics?
They are given a lot of responsibility and are rewarded when they follow through. they also are learning skills that will keep them competitive in the future career market.



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