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Name: Melvin Matsunaga

Gender: Male

High School Attended: Leilehua High School

Favorite Song/Musician: Three Tenors

Dream House: A large house with a large work shop

Hobbies: Fishing, Golf

Position on Team: Machinist

What have your learned about yourself as a mentor on the Robotics Team?
I enjoy being a mentor. These students are engaged to learn and I found that I seam to have more patience when it comes to showing them how to do things. They make me feel good about myself and I feel good sharing my skills. It give me great satisfaction.

Why have you decided to help out the Robotics team?
Throughout the years that the robotics program has been in our school, I have been an active contributor to the team. My impressions of this team has always been grand. Every year the team always comes on top, with the known fact that this team shows all the features that they need to work together. As for this year my impressions is for the students to gain the knowledge from this program to be applied to the real world. This year my contribution to the team is to help teach the students how to work certain machines and tools.


What do you enjoy most about Robotics?
I enjoy working with the students because Robotics teaches them teamwork, commitment and responsibility.

What are some benefit that students gain from Robotics?
Some of the benefits you gain is that you learn how to construct things and use different tools. Many of the students also learn how to follow directions.

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