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Name: Brianna Acosta

High school attended: Waialua High School

Favorite song/musician: King Without A Crown-Matisyahu

Position on team: Documentation/Outreach Mentor

Dream House: A big beautiful plantation-style mansion right on or next to the beach with a huge backyard! Everyone can stay at my house!

Favorite food: Acai Bowl!

What have you learned about yourself as a mentor on the robotics team?
Well, as this is my second year as a mentor, I'm not really sure quite yet what I will learn but I definately know it will be a rewarding experience!

Why did you decide to be a mentor on the robotics team?
As a two year veteran and previous captain, I knew I wanted to pass on the knowledge and skills I had learned through the program onto the younger members. Besides, I would miss the team too much if I ever left!

What do you think the kids benefit from most in robotics?
Robotics provides students with "real-life" situations in which they must use problem solving,critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. Anyone who goes through the FIRST program will be more prepared not only for higher education and professional careers, but for LIFE!

What do you enjoy most about being a mentor on the robotics team?
To be determined!

*Miss Hawai'i USA 2013

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