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Name: Garrick Ferreira

High school attended: Waialua High School

Favorite song/musician: R&B

Position on team: Construction Mentor

Dream House: 4 Bedroom House in Mililani Mauka with an Office and a Yard

Favorite food: Everything

What have you learned about yourself as a mentor on the robotics team?
I learned that it takes patience to work with students and educating is the most important challenge.

Why did you decide to be a mentor on the robotics team?
I decided to become a mentor because I wanted to give back some of the knowledge I learned from my mentors and experiences from the technical workforce.

What do you think the kids benefit from most in robotics?
Teamwork, learning to work as a team to accomplish the end goal. Responsibility, being accountable for mistakes and learning from them. They also experience a real working environment.

What do you enjoy most about being a mentor on the robotics team?
I enjoy watching students move on from highschool and being successful in their careers.


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