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A special visitor from DoDEA came to Waialua High and Intermediate school to learn about the robotics program. The team members showed them around our robotics facilities. They started off at the VEX room, where students work on their robots. The high school VEX team, 359A, drove their robot on the field. They demonstrated this year’s robot and talked about the robot design. Next, The Hawaiian Kids brought the visitors to see the FRC robots. There were some of the different designs on display, including their most recent robot from Stronghold. 359’s different FIRST robotics mentors talked about their job on the team and their experiences. Mrs. Pescaia, the documentation mentor, talked about how all parts of the program are important, like documentation. Finally, they were brought to see the VEX IQ section. They got a glimpse of their new robot. This level of robotics starts young students of on the right path. Since Waialua High and Intermediate School begins at 7th grade. Students get to start robotics as early as 7th grade. By the time they join the VEX team, they will have a clear understanding of robotics. 359 hopes to get new people interested in joining robotics!


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