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On Friday, October 20, we attended the Schools Of The Future tournament (SOTF). The first thing we did at the tournament was attempt programing skills. Our first try at programming skills was fruitful, we achieved a score of 45. Later on, during the tournament between one of our matches we attempted a driver skills but unfortunately we did not do as well as we planned. With perseverance we tried again and succeeded with a score of 55. Our combined skill scores is #1 in the world.Through the tournament we experienced many challenges including creating new routines with many different alliances. Strategizing with our alliances at the SOTF tournament was possibly one of the hardest things to learn. Something that occurred multiple times during the tournament was that the robot would have some complications between matches. To prevent this we had to do a thorough check on the robot before each match. We also observed new ideas from other teams. Something we were able to compare between our team and others, was that we had different designs and ideas involving the robot. Through consistent hard work we were able to obtain these awards think award, teamwork finalist award, robot skills champion award and finally the overall excellence award.


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