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On October 7th through the 9th, Waialua High and Intermediate participated in the Pan Pacific tournament held at Kamehameha Schools. The VEX High School Team 359A, Middle School Team 3590A and VEX IQ Team 359A all attended. Before the competition, they made sure all teams were prepared in every aspect for the competition.The High and Middle School VEX teams played about nine matches on the first day. For the most part, both teams did well in their games and skills challenges. On the other side of the arena, the VEX IQ team 359A competed in 7 matches. They scored very high in both skills challenges and qualification matches they played. After the last match they gave out three awards. One of them was the “Build Award” and it was given to 3590A. At the end of the lengthy day, everyone ended on a strong note.

All teams started the next day off by practicing and getting ready to finish the qualification matches. The Hawaiian Kids’ VEX IQ team ended up with second and paired up with first place, Navigator robotics 44442A. Both VEX teams, 359A and 3590A qualified for quarter finals. Team 359A was aligned with the Mililani high school Trojanbots, and 3590A partnered with Highlands Intermediate Robotics. 3590A didn’t make it to semifinals but team 359A ended up qualifying for the finals match.Unfortunately, neither VEX teams ended up winning first place. Both VEX teams were proud of how they did know what they need to improve on for the next competition. The Hawaiian Kids’ VEX IQ team’s alliance came through to win first place in the finals match. The team was very excited and thankful to win, especially since this was their first ever competition of the season. Overall, the Pan Pacific tournament was a great experience for all the teams, win or lose, the Hawaiian Kids did their best had fun!



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