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On Friday and Saturday, November 18th and 19th our team hosted the North shore VEX tournament. We started early on Friday to set up the gym for the competition. We worked hard to make sure we were prepared for teams to come that night. When teams arrive they had their usual robot inspection and prepared for the next morning.



On Saturday teams started arriving early to start the qualification matches. Our teams made sure everything was good before the qualification matches. Our qualification matches started and we were doing good so far. The qualification matches were stopped for lunch were a variety of delicious food was served. Teams were now ready for the rest of the 50 qualification matches. At the end of the qualification matches team 359A ended in second place and 3590A ended in seventh place. When it was time to pick alliance partners 359A was partnered with team 394 and 273A. Team 3590A made an alliance with 394B and team 7074B. Both teams made it past the quarterfinals but 3590A was taken out at the semi finals. Team 359A was still going strong making it to the finals and became the tournament champions. It was now time for the award ceremony. Team 3590A won the amaze award and team 359A won the design award and robot skills. Our teams did a great job this competition and will keep trying to improve for the next competition. Thank you mentors, volunteers and students for helping us at the competition!


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