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On Saturday January 7th team 3590A, our VEX middle school team, competed at Stevenson middle school for states. We started the day off making sure everything was working for our qualification matches. All of our team was working hard to make sure that we did our best since this would possibly be our last competition. We did well and ended up in third place after the qualification matches, and we picked team 394B as our alliance partner. We did pretty good making it past the quarterfinals and then the semifinals. We made it to the finals match and unfortunately lost. We played two out of three matches but we lost connection multiple times and fell over. We definitely tried our best but we couldn’t beat our opponent. When it was time for awards we won the innovate award, tournament finalist, and we were runner up for skills. Although we didn’t win excellence, we left the competition proud of how we did even though our season is now over until next year.



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