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On November 12, we participated at the Lancer VEX IQ Challenge held at Sacred Hearts Academy. The first thing we did was practice our skills. Levi has recently switched to Text-BaseC, a different style of programming,  and he was making sure the program was perfect. Our drivers, Rhea and Isaiah were warming up by practicing their driver’s skill. Our first match didn’t go as we hoped because we weren’t able to balance. Our second match was the same. We kept getting scores in the twenties or thirties even though we can usually get 40 or higher. As time passed, Levi and Emma  had to do their STEM presentation. The judges seemed very impressed with the presentation and all the information we had. Meanwhile, our drivers finished a pretty good match. We were jumping around 4th place and 5th place but we knew we could do better.When finals rolled around we were in 3rd place. We were partnered up with a pretty good team and in finals we earned 56 points and ended up in 2nd place. Overall we won 56 points.


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