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On December 10, Our VEX IQ team 359A participated at the aio Hawaii VEX IQ Qualifying Tournament held at Pearl City High School. We had about 6 matches that day. After running 3 attempts for programming skills we earned 37 points. Later on, during the tournament between one of our matches we attempted a driver skills and we did okay for some of the attempts. On our last attempt we earned 61 points. Through the tournament we experienced many challenges including creating new routines with many different alliances. Strategizing with our alliances at the aio Hawaii VEX IQ Qualifier was very important. We also observed new ideas from other teams. Something we were able to compare between our team and others, was that we had different designs and ideas involving the robot. For finals we were partnered up with Team 59 H.S. Robotics. It was very difficult to strategize with them because we all had different ways to  score so we had to come up with multiple routines and when it came to the finals match we earned 66 points. Through consistent hard work we were able to earn the robot skills, teamwork champions, and last but not least excellence award.


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