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The Hawaiian Kids recently traveled to their last to the final competition to wrap up their 2016-2017 season. Team 359 attended the FIRST World Championship at St. Louis, Missouri from April 22-30, 2017.

Arriving in St. Louis a few day before competition day, they enjoyed time exploring and having fun as a team. Together they visited the City Museum which was basically a giant jungle gym where they got to slide down 10 stories and climb through wire. Also they spent some time at the zoo, D&B, and even at Swing-Around where they got to go-kart race. Besides enjoying time doing activities the team also got to spend time doing their favorite thing, shopping!

After spending a few days of fun, it was time for them to compete in yet another STEAMwork game. Qualification rounds went by and Team 359 was rank 45 with a record of 8-9-0. Then Team 359 was put into an alliance with Team 610 and Team 1114 in the elimination rounds in the Darwin Division. Soon they made it to finals but unfortunately did not make it to Einsteins but we were still finalists. Earlier at FRC Worlds in Texas Mr.Lee was surprised with the Woodie Flowers Award. He finally got congratulated on stage in St. Louis. Congratulations on your Woodie Flowers Award Mr. Lee!




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