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On November 4th and 5th 3590A VEX middle school team and 359A VEX high school team attended a competition at Waiakea Intermediate School on the big island.

On Friday the 4th we got set up for the competition and got our robots inspected. We did some practice matches and did some last minute changes. Since we had qualification first match we had to make sure everything was ready for the next day.

On Saturday the 5th it was competition day. We arrived early to check over the autonomous program and to make sure everything was working properly. The qualification matches went well staying high up on the leaderboard. Halfway through the matches we were provided with delicious bentos to get us ready for the rest of the day. After the qualification matches our VEX middle school team ended up in second place and 359A ended up in third place. Team 3590A picked 359A as their alliance partner. We did well in the quarter and semi finals as partners making it all the way to the finals match. We came out with a big victory in the first finals match. The second finals match was a very close the whole time, we weren’t sure if we would win, but we won by one point at the end. We were very thankful that we won the competition and that 359A won the excellence award.


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