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Two weeks have passed in the 2017 build season and 359 has been busy working on prototypes, fabricating our test drive train, taking pictures and video, as well as updating our team binders.The control systems team worked on a breadboard as well as testing PID’s and ball tracking software.The animators have been working with their new mentor learning Autodesk maya and Adobe Photoshop. They also made a storyboard for their entry into the animation challenge. Our construction team worked on machining wheels and other parts for our robot. They have been working very hard and nonstop to perfect the robot. The support team worked to organize and clean-up all of our facilities. We also had some time to celebrate Mr. Lee’s “31st” birthday during our weekly team dinner. The team had decorated the facilities with balloons, brought in dinner, birthday cakes and made a special poster that all members of the team got to sign. Happy birthday Mr.Lee! The build season is going by very fast but we are still working very diligently. Stay tuned for next week’s update!

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