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Happy New Year! It is certainly a great way to start off the year 2017 with First Robotics Competition. This year, Team 359 will be participating in our 18th Build Season! The Hawaiian Kids got up bright and early for the FRC Kickoff at McKinley High School where we were able to see our old friends and meet new ones and followed by our annual Zippy’s team breakfast. We are so excited for this year’s game!

Week one of the 2017 FIRST STEAMworks build season has finally come to a close and has been very productive. Instead of splitting up into our five sub-divisions, we decided to split into four different groups to involve the entire team in the brainstorming and prototyping process. Our goal for today was to begin building the several prototypes that each of the four teams had brainstormed yesterday. Building different prototypes will help our team figure out the best mechanism we should incorporate into our robot to make it efficient. Some of the different mechanisms we had decided to try and prototype included; intakes, shooters, lifting mechanisms and claws. After prototyping, construction support were also involved in other projects such as; creating omiyage, field construction and t-shirt printing. The documentation team continuously continued to document the robotics environment by taking pictures & video footage, updating the website and creating a week one summary video. At Waialua Robotics, we make sure everyone is using their time wisely. Our team has also had the amazing honor of participating in Thunder Down Under’s 24/7 FIRST Help Now Hotline, where teams or individuals can ask other veteran teams about robots or the game. We await for your questions at 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. (HST) on Fridays and Saturdays! 1 week down, five more weeks to go! Stay tuned for next week’s update!





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