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On October 16 and 17, The Hawaiian Kids went to UH West Oahu to compete in the VEX West Oahu Tournament. Forty teams participated in the competition, with teams 359C, 359D, and 3590A representing the Waialua Robotics program. Friday consisted of robot inspections and preparations, with Saturday being the day of the actual competition.

The competition on Saturday promptly began with qualification matches, with each team practicing skills and repairing their robots while they weren’t competing. The qualification matches went rather smoothly for the Hawaiian Kids, with all three teams progressing towards eliminations. Team 359C was ranked 22nd with a record of 3­3, 359D was ranked 8th with a record of 5­1, and 3590A was in 34th place with a record of 1­5.

Team 359C was chosen by team 2441, the team ranked eighth and 359D was chosen by 1736, the fifth ranked team, while 3590A was chosen by team 4142, the number one ranked team. While 359C and 359D were phased out after the quarter finals, 3590A made it to the finals, eventually winning the tournament. Although only one of our teams won, this tournament still proved valuable, as all three teams gained crucial tournament experience that will aid them in future competitions.

Noah score Elimination Finals winners


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