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This past weekend on October 24th, 2015, High School teams 359A, 359B and Middle School teams 3590A and 3590B competed at the ECUH VEX Challenge at the UH Manoa Campus. This tournament was exactly one week after the two previous tournaments that 359 attending. So although 359 had a limited time on making adjustments they were ready to compete once again.

Having only one day to compete the teams quickly set-up and prepared themselves for their skills challenges and qualification match play. With some minor setbacks from all teams on their human player loading, all teams were still able to adjust for the incapabilitie. With no obstacles in their way for match play teams began their skills runs. For driving skills team 359A was able to score 227 and 359B scored a solid 80 sadly for programming skills 359A could only score 65. By the end of qualification matches 359A ended up being ranked number one, 359B ranked right below them at 2, 3590A ranked 13 and 3590B at 15 so all in all 359 ranked fairly well this tournament. On 359 A's alliance, 4142A and 394. on the 2nd seeded alliance 359B along with 4142C and 3590B and 3590A was alliances with 2437B, and 2443M. All 359 teams moved carried on to the semi-finals sadly 3590A had to challenge 359A. After 2 hard fought matches 359A's alliance prevailed scoring 305 points in the first match. When the finals came the room was quiet because the two powerhouse alliances were finally gonna duke it out. 359A vs 359B, after 3 extremely exciting matches 359A's alliance prevailed. 359A also won the excellence award. So all in all 359 had a great tournament and brought how 2 more trophies.

Inspection Robot Finals Alliance Excellence


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