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359 Champions draven field Inspection

On Friday, October 2nd, Team 359 set up our school for the Vex tournament they host. The members brought down fields, tables and chairs for the competition. Teams came early to practice while we set up the rest of the building for the next day. On October 3rd, we arrived and practiced along with the rest of the teams. Outer island teams came, too. Waialua middle school Vex teams, 3590A and 3590B were ready for their first Vex competition. Starting with skills and then moving on to final rounds, the day flew by.

In the end our teams did really well! When it was time to pick their alliance partners, 3590A got 7th place and 3590B got 8th. They ended up picking each other for finals and got second place. Just one ball away from first! Definitely a memorable experience for all teams to help the improve for the next competitions. Big thanks to all of our volunteers, mentors and team member for helping us host this event!

Judges Lee Matches Nikky Refs


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