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Team 359 began their 2016 season at one of the coldest regionals 359 experienced, the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, Minnesota. The team spent almost a week in Minnesota and visited many new places. After checking in at Comfort Inn Minneapolis, they shopped at Mall of America. Since they were new to the cold, they decided to have some fun in it before competition started. In the wintry weather The Hawaiian Kids actually went snowboarding the whole day!

Snowboarding and shopping seems fun, but the competition is where the real action happened. Lake Superior Regional was held at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. On the first day of competition, the team went straight to work by setting up their pit and practicing their robot. Other team members interacted and passed out the homemade omiyage to other students, teachers, and judges from teams all around the country. Complications with the robot was handled, then ready for qualification matches the next day. Team 359 split right into action on competition day and won seven out of eight matches the entire regional. They soon ended their day at a team social and met other robotics team members.

On the last day of the Lake Superior Regional, Team 359 ranked #2 and entered as the first seed alliance with Team 4009 4009 Denfeld DNA Robotics and Team 6175 Mystery Machine. They quickly breezed through the quarter and semi final rounds and arrived at the final match. Alliance #1 won both solid matches and took home the blue banner. The Hawaiian Kids also received the Quality Award from Motorola and our very own student, Cody Miyataki was a Dean’s List Award Finalist. A celebration dinner was followed after at the team’s favorite place, Olive Garden. Team 359 is glad to come back home to warm weather and three new awards.

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