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359 359A Balls Finals Handshake

On Saturday, December 12 The Hawaiian Kids traveled down to the VEX State Championship at Pearl City High School. This tournament is Hawaii's last VEX High School Tournament. For this tournament the students were well prepared and ready for a full competition day ahead. Competing for 359 would be teams 359A, 359B, and 359C. All teams started the day off well and ended the day off on a good note.  All teams ended up going on to the playoffs. Although 359A was with the 8th seeded team going up against the powerhouse alliance they knew that their was still a chance to win. Sadly after two hard fought and extremely close matches the first seeded team moved on and 359A was knocked off they State Champion Title. Luckily the two other 359 teams were able to move on to the semis but had to challenge each other. After 3 matches of full on defense and emotion 359B came out victorious. Then Came to the finals where 359B went up against the powerhouse first seed but after 3 matches sadly 359B was knocked out. Although it looked like no 359 team made the World Championship 359A’s robot skill score was high enough to enable them to go. So although 359 didn’t win there were many lessons learned and friendships built this season.

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