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Champions skills

On November 15th, 2014 The Hawaiian Kids Traveled to the U.H West Oahu Campus for their competition. 41 teams from all over the state competed at this competition, 5 of them being Teams from 359, 359A, 359B, 3590A, 3590B, and 3590C. As soon as teams were let into the facilities each team began fine tuning their autonomous. As soon as qualification matches began, the Hawaiian Kids had a rough start but as the day went on Teams started moving forward in the rankings. The first team to be selected was team 359A by the first seed team 1973D their 2nd pick was team 7312B. 3590A was then selected by the second seed, team 394 who then chose team 1973C to wrap up the alliance. Next to be chosen was team 359B by team 7312 as their final pick they chose team 2932B. Team 3590B was the 7th seed captain and chose team 4142B as their first pick and chose team 8050 as their second pick. Sadly 3590C was not chosen to be part of an alliance. 3590A and 359B breezed through quarterfinal matches. 359A and 3590B had a few technical complications and were eliminated during quarterfinals. 3590A and 359B faced off in semifinals after three very hard fought matches team 3590A came out on top. 3590A after 2 matches very exciting matches, in the finals came out to be tournament champions. Tournament Champion was not the only award the Hawaiian Kids brought home, 359A also won Robot skills and Alumni William Blaser won the Volunteer of The Year. In the end The Hawaiian Kids look forward to future competitions and only hope to become more successful in their matches to come.


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