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On September 19th The Hawaiian Kids travelled to Mckinley High school School for their Fourth competition of the 2014-2015 season. This time it was the Mckinley Vexposition. There were 38 teams competing. Including 359A, 359B, 3590A and 3590B proudly representing the Waialua robotics team. Friday consisted of the normal setup and inspection procedures, and all the teams used their time to prepare for Saturday.

Upon returning early Saturday morning, both teams busied themselves preparing for their matches, scouting other teams, and doing skills challenges. After qualification matches, 359A was ranked 5 with a record of 5-1, 359B was ranked 19th with a record of 3-3, 3590A was ranked 4th with a record of 5-0-1 and lastly 3590B was ranked 26 with a record of 2-4. 359A was the first to be chosen, by the number one ranked team, 1841 from Punahou High school, and in the second round the number one alliance chose team 4109 808 robotics to round out the alliance. 359B was selected by team 1973D from Mililani High School and chose 2932A to wrap up the alliance. 359B went up against team 394, 4208 and 394B, and after two hard fought  matches, unfortunately were eliminated from the tournament. 3590A and 3590B made it to the Semifinals but after two hard fought matches they were eliminated as well. After several rounds 359A made it to the finals one of their matches ended up as a tie, soon after the last match 359A won their fourth tournament. 359A also was the robot skills champion with a score of 40, and the programming skills with a score of 12 and 359A also won the excellence award. So, congratulations to all the teams.


skyrise stack Blue winners trophies


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