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On Thursday October 2nd The Waialua robotics Team left for the Maui Vex Tournament. 359A and 3590A left school early to make the flight to Maui. After going through the usual after flight procedures, The Hawaiian Kids checked into their hotel and then decided to go out and eat dinner.

The next day, Team 359 continued their self guided tour of Maui. After several more hours of exploring they travelled to Baldwin High School for Robot  Inspection and to attempt both of the Skills Challenges. Inspection went smoothly for both teams so they began working on their respective Skills Challenges. 359A and 3590A did extremely well moving their Robot Skills ranking up to 1st and 2nd in the competition. They also did well in programming skills as well.

Saturday came and so did the first matches. 359A continued their amazing record at this tournament after going undefeated with a record of 8-0, ending up ranked 1st. 3590A had some hard matches throughout the day having to go up against 359A so they ended up with a record of 6-2 and ranking of 4th. For alliance selections 359A chose 3590A as their first pick. They then picked 4442 X IPA for their second partner. The elimination matches went smoothly going undefeated to win the tournament also getting the highest match score in all of Hawaii so far. The Hawaiian Kids returned to Waialua with four trophies two Tournament Champions, Robot Skills and Excellence all in all this was a great tournament for 359.

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