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Elijah 3590A 359B Jordan Robots

On Friday, August 16, and Saturday, August 17th, The Hawaiian Kids traveled downtown for McKinley High School's "Vexhibition". This year 359 had more than one team competing. Competing was teams 359A, 359B and 3590A. In some matches there were 359’s challenging each other. 359A started off well and ended of qualification matches to finally end up with a record of 7-1 and was the 1st seed. 359B had some pretty tough matches throughout the day and ended qualification matches with a record of 4-4 seeded 11. Lastly 3590A had a great day finishing up with a record of 7-1 making them the 2nd seed. Team 359A selected 3590A to be their first partner and 368A, McKinley High School, to be their second partner. 359B chose team 4442X ,Island Pacific Academy and Team 2459A Nanakuli High school as their second partner.  Eliminations with new rules the 1st seed (359A and 3590A) got to sit out for quarterfinals a fix up their robots. For 359B after two hard fought matches against the 2nd seeded alliance they ended up being eliminated. 359A and 3590A breezed through the semifinals with a score of 80 and went to the finals for the fifth consecutive time hoping to make three consecutive years of being champion. After two matches the 1st seed took the tournament. Winning was not the only award that was won that day though. The 359A also won the Driver Skills challenge, Design award and the highest level award, the Excellence Award.

Finals Skyrise Osa Design Winners


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