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On July 10, 2014 The Hawaiian Kids participated in the International VEX Summer Games. The competition lasted for 3 days at the Honolulu Convention Center. The first day consisted of setting up practice fields and getting robots inspected. They also had to prepare themselves for robot and programming skills challenges. Team members perfected their autonomous’ as the day went on. When the day came to an end, 359A and 359B were confident that their robots were ready for the next day.

The second day was the start of qualification matches. 359A participated in the Toss-Up Division going against 56 other teams. The team had a record of 8-0. On the other hand, 359A and 359B competed in the Skyrise Division with 25 teams competing. When 359A and 359B had a chance to work on their skills challenges, they were able to score in the top five in robot and programming skills. At the end of the day, both teams had a record of 7-1. After the competition, the team was fortunate enough to be invited to a team social where we were served pizza and juice and had the opportunity to socialize and get to know other teams from around the world.

On Saturday, the final day of the competition started with the last qualification matches followed by the alliance selections. 359B was partnered with 2439X (Baldwin Robotics) and 4080 (Rockwell High School) While 359A was teamed up with 394 (Highlands Intermediate) and 4142B (Pearl City High School Robotics) After exciting elimination matches, in the Skyrise Division 359A was the Robot Skills Champions, Tournament Champions, and Excellence Award Winners. Winning these awards also qualifies them for the 2015 VEX World Championships! While 359A in the Toss-up Division won the Robot Skills Champion and the Amaze Award.  

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