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On Saturday, July 5th The Hawaiian Kids traveled downtown for the RIMPAC Vex Invitational which was held on Pearl Harbor. This tournament is Hawaii's (and 359's) first VEX competition for the year. For this tournament the students did not drive the robots instead they handed their controllers to sailors. Lucky enough 359A got a sailor who was pretty decent at driver. 359A started the day off well and ended off qualification matches to finally end up with a record of 3-1. They ended up being the first seed. Team 359A selected team 2504 The Farrington Governors. It would only be a best two out of three match against the first and second seeded alliances. 359A and 2504 went up against team 2437 Sacred Hearts Academy and team 3008 Kalani High school. After two hard fought matches the first seeded alliance came out as tournament champions. Winning was not the only award that was won that day though. The Hawaiian Kids also won the Driver and Programming Skills challenge. It was a great day and a great way to start off the season for Team 359.


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