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On Wednesday, March 25th - Saturday, March 28th  the Hawaiian kids participated in the 8th annual Hawaii FRC regional held in the Stan Sheriff center in UH Manoa.  The team was really reaching their full potential this tournament, as it is their third event all season.  On practice day, the team decided to enhance their stacking abilities by building a ramp to put in front of the tote chute.  This ramp decreased the time it took to stack totes, and increased their scores by allowing them to stack more.  After the ramp was built, the team spent the rest of practice day altering and improving their strategies in order to accompany their newest feature.

The first day of qualifications went by smoothly for team 359, despite the drive team having to adjust to the new ramp and going through one match with a broken tote chute in the human player station.  The Hawaiian kids ended the first day of qualifications by redoing the match which they had a broken tote chute, and securing the number 1 ranking.

On the last day of the Hawaii regional, the Hawaiian kids ended up being 1st seed and formed an alliance with teams 368 and 3880.  This alliance made it to the finals, in which they were against teams 610, 3132, and 3721.   In the first round of finals, Waialua and 610 locked arms during the autonomous period, which made Waialua stuck and caused 610 to get a red card.  Waialua went on to win the second round of finals and take home the blue banner for the third time this season.

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