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On Friday October 31 (Halloween) Teams 359A, 359B, 3590B, and 3590C traveled to Mililani High School. As soon as 359 arrived they wasted no time setting up their batteries and pit. Soon after teams began attempting their skills challenges. All teams placed highly in each challenge. 359A was 1st in programming with a score of 19, they were also tied for 1st in robot with a score of 43.

Saturday came and 359 was ready to begin, rushing inside the gym to work on their robots. Qualification matches began shortly. 3590B was the 1st seeded alliance with a record of 7-0 and chose the 14th seed team 359B, to round up their alliance they chose team 1973D. 359A was the 3rd seed with a record of 6-1 and selected 4142A and 4109. After doing their very best sadly team 3590C with a record of 2-5 was not chosen to compete in the playoffs. The two 359 alliances breezed through the quarterfinals. After three hard fought semi-final matches 3590C and 359B were knocked out. 359A however continued on. In the finals 359A faced off against 1973B, 1973A, and 2504A. After 3 hard fought matches the 3rd seed went down. 359 did not go home empty handed though. 359A won the excellence and programming skills award. This tournament was a great learning experience for all teams.  

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