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This past weekend on November 22nd, 2014, teams 359A and 3590A competed at the TMT Big Island VEXTournament. This tournament was held at Kohala High School in Kapaau, Hawaii. The team flew in on thefirst flight out to Kona on Saturday. Being that Kapaau is on the Waimea side of the island, we had to drive one hour from the airport to the tournament. Even with all the traveling involved the teams were very excited to be competing this weekend.

Having only one day to compete the teams quickly set-up and prepared themselves for their skills challenges and qualification match play. With some minor set backs from both teams on their programming skill, team 359A was still able to take the programming skills champion with a score of 15 and trailing right behind them was team 3590A with a score of 11. With no obstacles in their way for driving skills team 359A was able to claim a victory with a score of 43 and still trailing behind team 3590A with a score of 40. With an outstanding performance 3590A was able to go undefeated in all 8 qualification matches ranking 1st and even gave 359A their only loss, ending up with a record of 7-1 and ranking 2nd. Going into alliance selection 3590A picked up 359A as their first pick and 2460 as their second pick. With only 7 alliances the 1st seed had a by advancing them into the semi-finals. After winning both matches in the quarter finals the first seeded alliance advanced to the finals having to go against 7312, 4119A and 2455. With both alliances playing very hard, it was a very competitive match, but in the end the first seeded alliance ended up winning both matches and became the tournament champions.


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