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On March 9th 2015, THe Hawaiian Kids left for their second international competition this year. This Competition was held in the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia in the same stadium that housed Taekwondo and Table Tennis for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The competition started on Thursday, March 12th, with practice matches and inspection. Inspection was completed quickly and the team even helped some of the rookie inspectors learn their jobs a little bit better. After lunch practice matches started and the team was on the field every possible moment. By the end of the day, the drive team showed a lot of improvement and became more consistent.

Qualification matches went well on Friday and Saturday morning. After twelve great matches the team ended up seeded second and advanced into the alliance selection. When the first seeded team (4613)  decided to pick their Australian friends (3132 and 5333) it was up to the Hawaiian Kids to try and come out on top. They decided to go with TAS Robotics (4253) and Qingdao Eastern School (5601). From the start it looked like it would be a close set of final matches with the quarter and semi finals having the average scores seeding them at first and second. Team 359’s alliance heading into the finals was averaging less than 4613’s alliance. In a series of three incredibly close matches The Hawaiian Kids prevailed and won the Inaugural Australian Regional. During the awards ceremony the team also won the Engineering Excellence Award and fellow Hawaii Team 3008 won the regional Chairman’s Award. Following the tournament, the team explored much of New South Wales and then flew back to the islands on March 18th.

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