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On Saturday, November 29, VEX team 359A left the islands and traveled all the way across the globe to attend the 2014-2015 Asia Pacific Vex Championship held in Dongguan China, after arriving in Guangzhou on Monday December 1, the team went straight to the hotel along with Team 4119 Kohala Middle School. After checking into the hotel the team went straight to the tournament to pass inspection and do basic checks on their robots. The next day came by in a flash, this day was the beginning of the competition. After three matches team 359A had a record of 3-0.

Wednesday was the second day of the competition. The day began with opening ceremonies. Shortly after 359A had to que up for a match. In between matches team 359A attempted their skills challenges scoring a 44 in Robot Skills and a 10 in Programming Skills.  The competition this day didn't treat 359A well losing 3 matches tieing 1 and winning 1. 359A went back to the hotel preparing for the next day.

Thursday was the last day of competition. Luckily team 359A won their last match of the tournament and finished the tournament with a record of 4-3-1. Luckily from previous matches 359A played in their robot was very high on their alliance list. During alliance selections the third seeded team the Panda Kings and chose team 3880X to round out the alliance. After three hard matches 359A was eliminated. 359 wouldn't be walking away empty handed though they won the tournament Excellence Award and the Robot Skills runner up. So not only was this tournament a great experience but 359A qualified for the World Championships once again.

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