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On the first day of week two, the construction team started to assemble the prototype drive train including the internal workings. They also cut out spare parts for the drivetrain on the waterjet.  This includes the brackets and drive plate spacers. Afterwards, they started drilling holes in the transmission plates.

The programming and 3D CAD team also made a lot of progress. The programming team continued to print cable supports using the 3D machine and the 3D CAD team continued working on the robot design. With time ticking away, each second is being put to good use for our team members!

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   Time flies when you’re working hard, and just like that we are in week two. Megan is working hard updating and tweaking the website and adding this year's community outreach events to the team binders. Construction Team are designing brackets for this year's robot. While the water jet crew are waterjetting parts for the drivetrain. The construction support team worked with mentors to build elements of the field. Cody and Kobe are creating safety signs and posting them in conspicuous spots throughout the facilities to remind our team to be cautious and safe. During the day team was also visited by Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui.

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We are halfway through week two and a lot is getting done. Our main construction team is busy doing CAD drawings of the robot and trying to see what designs work best. The programming team is doing a lot of the wiring so that it can be the very best and making sure they’re safe while doing it. Speaking of safety, Cody has been getting all of his safety papers ready for the end of the build season. Construction support is hard at work polishing stand offs for the robot and doing whatever they can to help the team. At the end of the night we all had a very delightful dinner and we would like to say thank you to the parents and students who brought food tonight, it was delicious.

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On Thursday, January 15th, the Hawaiian Kids were busy at work trying to strive to achieve completing their robot design. Everyone was busy lending a hand. Many of our students and mentors huddled around a computer trying to add the finishing touches to their CAD model of the robot. Other students began to fabricate various parts that had already been finalized. These students worked vigilantly to complete the detailed parts assigned  to them. Other students worked hard to make completed parts shine and ready them for assembly of the robot.

In other areas of our facilities, the control systems team worked to completely assemble a breadboard of all the electronics to be used on the robot. They wired many parts together and began to test the pieces they had assembled. They also began a breadboard of the pneumatic pieces. The documentation team worked busily to keep the website up to date as well as capture all of the moments of construction happening around them. Overall the team had a productive afternoon and evening.

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Today our support team was very busy reorganizing our construction and testing room to make better use of our area. While our documentation division was working hard to get our older HP Designjet up and running. Over in the autoshop division, brackets and other small parts were being designed and manufactured. They were so busy that they stayed till about 12:30. With a robot, there's also a need for programming and you can be sure that our control systems team was busy creating getting the breadboard completed as well as getting a code down to operate it.

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Today, Team 359 has been making a lot of progress towards the completion of our robot.  The “Mothers” team has been hard at work polishing transmission plates and other robot parts to make them look nice and shiny.  The construction team used CAD to design the robot and then used our water jet to cut out the parts required for a successful robot.  We had also used the mill to refine the parts that were cut using the water jet.  While the construction team was constructing, the programming team was working on the coding and construction of our control panel and the documentation team has been recording our work on footage.  As always, we were also constantly organizing several areas in the auto shop while simultaneously cleaning our work area, just to keep our environment safe. “Safety first!” -Cody Miyataki, our beloved safety captain.

Today was very productive and quite tiresome day.  We spent many hours working just to make sure we can complete our robot with in the six weeks we are assigned and so far, things have been going well.  We have been putting a lot of “elbow grease” into our project and making sure everything is done with quality work.  Time is valuable so we don't waste much time while on our breaks or while on our jobs.  We tried to work as efficiently as possible while maintaining the high expectation standards of our work.  Today was a pretty safe day, there were no casualties, as normal.  Can’t wait for what tomorrow brings us!

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On Sunday, January 18th, the Hawaiian Kids were busy at work trying to strive to achieve completing their robot design. Everyone was busy trying to complete the robot. Some of our students and mentors were busy trying designing parts of the robot on CAD. Meanwhile, the students were busy fabricating and polishing parts.

In the other part of our facility. Our control team did testing and programming. The documentation team worked busily to keep the website up to date as well as recording what was happening. Overall the team had a productive all day.

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