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Today, the team used the mill to make more of the custom pieces we needed to complete the robot.  After making the different parts, we had them sanded and polished, just for decoration. The team then got help from the mentors so that they could add the new custom pieces. Once we added the parts,  we had a couple more pieces milled, and the mentors got back to helping with CAD and the design of the robot. We have a pretty good picture of what the completed robot would look like after we attached the custom pieces to the robot.

Matsunaga Nikky Toshio Isaiah Bushnell


Isaiah Matthew Nate Matsunaga Toshio

With Week Three just beginning, The Hawaiian Kids are on track to have an amazing year. The Video Team worked on the Week Two video and prepared to start on this week’s video. Megan A. and Jennifer D. (Website) uploaded the final touches on week two and developed the week-three page. Control Systems (Megan B. & Cheyne) continued to work on the breadboard for this year’s robot. The Construction team created brackets for mounting pistons onto the robot and began assembling the robot. The construction support team was very busy the entire day polishing various parts of the robot. Team 359 is making progress and looking forward to the rest of the build season!

Draven Ozoa

Tripp Yoshio Nikky Polishing Draven


Toshio Mill Elijah Matthew Matsunaga

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Isaiah Waterjet Matsunaga Mill Kobe

Team 359 is hard at work with Week 3 almost over. Today, Construction Support finished up their seemingly endless task of polishing various parts of the robot. The 3D Design and Water jet team began to cut and design our Driver Control Station on the water jet. And the Construction team continued to fabricate and design the various intake mechanics of this year’s robot.

Matthew Holmberg

Toshio Matthew Cody Boys Metal

Sunday January 8

Lathe Matsunaga Matt Elijah Mill

Today was another busy day for the team 359 workshop. We finally worked on putting together the intake onto the drivetrain for the robot and finished cutting out brackets for the robot using the water jet. We also redesigned a new driver controller and continued to do fabrication on which we left off from doing yesterday. Tomorrow were hoping to keep working on the robot and start the lift for the robot. So far week three has been going great!

Nate Flecher

toshi Megan Mililani Nikky Cody


Boys Waterjet Draven Tosh Matsunaga

Matsu Jeff Nikky Cody Yoshi


Matsunaga Bending Cody Jeff Mill

As the third week comes to a close, build season is halfway done. The Hawaiian Kids continued working hard. The programming team finished packing all the spare electronic supplies needed for upcoming competitions. They also started organizing the code for this year’s Recycle Rush robot. The construction team created brackets and used the water jet to make the final control system design for the driver’s control station.  The documentation team uploaded the weekly video and continued to update the website.  Overall, week three was a productive week for the Hawaiian Kids!

Nikky Evangelista

Nate Tripp Yoshio Burgers Video


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