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Today Team 359 made a significant amount of progress.  They are closer each day to finishing up the robot and handing it off for wiring and testing. The construction team is working on lightening the robot. The documentation team has been doing a great job of taking pictures, updating and improving the website. The electronics team has wired up the robot and  is moving on to testing. Overall, the team is progressing at a decent speed and will be ready for the end of build season.

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With only a week left to build, the pressure is mounting to finish the robot on time. Construction worked on solving several problems with parts and worked on some spare parts for competitions. They also worked on lightening the robot. Control Systems did what they could while construction was troubleshooting and improved their code in small, but important ways. The Video team started working on the Week Six video. The documentation team updated the website with daily articles and pictures. Today Team 359 accomplished a multitude of tasks, but there is still lots to do before the robot is Recycle Rush ready.

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Today, we focused on finishing the robot as the week is quickly starting to come to a close. We used the water jet to make spare parts if anything happens to the original ones. We’re also working on making the robot’s parts weigh less by drilling holes into the basic framing and excess spots with no function. The documentation room was busy working on the week six video and keeping up with updating the website. The control system team did a great job programming the robot and getting it to work great. Hopefully the team will be ready to compete soon after the build season, so far, were looking good.

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Construction continued to work on spare parts and making the robot lighter. Both mills were being used today to mill out spare brackets. The water jet was used to cut out spare parts for the drive train. Control systems worked another day without the robot. Today they worked on making the driver station software to be compatible and useful for this robot. They adjusted the resolution of the program and added indicators so that the drivers can easily identify what states various parts of the robot are in (claw is open etc.)

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The team spent after school setting up the game field in the Cafeteria because the rest of the weekend will be practice driving the robot. Construction is officially in support and prepare mode today as control systems got the robot back for the first time in  a while. Spare parts were made all day by the construction team. They also took several pieces from the robot that weren’t necessary for what the programmers were doing at the time to weight relieve. Control systems got the robot back and put it to good use. They worked on making the autonomous and troubleshot several parts of the code that they found out the status of.



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Today was a big step for the whole team. The robot is finally within the legal weight limit. Construction is now focusing on weight relieving the spare parts and helping out with the testing in the cafeteria. We set up roughly half a field in the cafeteria (all we need). This is where we will be for the rest of the build season mainly testing the robot and making most of the autonomous. Since everyone on the team sacrificed their Valentines Day, the Documentation Team spent the morning making delicious chocolate covered strawberries for the team lunch.

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As the end of the build season is coming quickly, we start to do as much as we can to get as much as an advantage as possible. It has been crunch time lately and and though almost half of our team is gone for the freshmen and sophomore banquet, we have still been working hard and for long periods of time. Technically we started this day off early at one in the morning and we left at three in the morning and we came back at 9. The documentation team has been working hard on keeping up with all the documentation and filming and taking photos of everything that goes on. They also have been working on the robotics website which is looking great with all their updates and tweaks they added to it.

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