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No more sleeping in!  Team members woke up bright and early on Saturday, January 3rd to see the reveal of the new FRC game.  The reveal was at McKinley High School, with nearly every school in Oahu present.  The game is called Recycle Rush, which involves stacking crates, recycle bins and pool noodles to gain points.  The team ended their morning with the annual team breakfast at Zippy’s.

The team got back together at 1 to begin brainstorming ideas.  They started off with understanding the game and scoring rules.  They were divided into 3 groups, and each group discussed what they had written to make sure everyone understood the game.  Next, teams discussed game strategies and possible designs for the robot. We’re off to a great start for the coming season!

Jennifer Deuz

Megan Kobe Lee Nikky Cody


Boys Room Nikky Birthday Draven

Team 359 flew into Day Two ready to put some ideas to the test. Construction Support started to work on the playing field to test the robot and by the end of the day had finished the step. The step is the divider that runs down the middle of the field to divide the two zones. Construction worked out several designs in CAD and continued to brainstorm ideas before testing several ideas with wooden prototypes. Control Systems worked on updating the Labview programming software and helped with prototyping by making a motor speed controller to see how things work at different speeds. The Documentation team finished up part of team 359A’s online submission for excellence and simultaneously made sure to capture everything that happened with the other divisions. With a lot of time left in build season The Hawaiian Kids are looking forward to another great year!

Paul Hutchinson

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Computer Matsunaga Matthew Elijah Hirota

Day Three of Week One and Team 359 is hard at work. Construction Support spent the day organizing the team’s part storage rooms, to make it easy for our team to find and locate all the necessary materials. Our Construction team worked all day with our mentors and alumni to work on prototyping our robot designs, as well as beginning fabrication of our drive train wheels and drive train connectors and beginning to train the newest members of our team. At the same, the Safety Team worked on posting our weekly Safety Tips, and updating our MSDS Sheets. And our Documentation Team continues to update our team website and documenting this year’s 6 Week Build Season.

Matthew Holmberg

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matsunaga isaiah matthew nate bushnell

Today, the fourth day of the 2015 Build Season; Team 359, with the help of many mentors and volunteers, went to work as quickly as possible. Matthew and Mr. Matsunaga taught new students on the FRC team how to operate basic machinery like the lathe and the band-saw. Draven and Paul began milling the holes for the transmission. Construction support began building the scoring zone part of the field and are nearly finished. Jennifer and Brianna tried their best to keep up with all of the photographs and film necessary for that day. Everyone had their game faces on and worked their hardest today.

This day proved to be very productive. Everyone was busy today and wasted no time relaxing. Many new students were glad they were learning how to operate the machinery knowing that soon after many seniors leave they'll have to step it up. The team felt accomplished at the end of the day, in hopes that everything will go even better tomorrow.

Draven Ozoa

programming boys video cody wood

Sunday January 8

boys cheyne cody kobe matsunaga

Team 359 was very busy on day five of the 2015 build season. Construction support got straight to work with building a second scoring platform that the team will use to test the robot. Control systems continued to practice programming with labview to get ready to program the 2015 robot from scratch. In the auto shop, construction continued to mill holes for the transmission and began using autocad to design this years robot. Documentation continued to record our progress using pictures and videos.

The day wrapped up when all of the different sections of the team met outside of the auto sop and had a big potluck. Dinner included foods like pizza, chicken katsu, noodles, rice, and manapua. After the team cleaned up, everyone returned to their quarters and prepared themselves for the next day.

Cheyne Fergusson


megan video food eating wood


Table Hirota Isaiah Paul Matt

On the sixth day of build season, some students were absent due to the fact that they were at Maui. However, the remaining students were still hard at work. While the construction team was busy drawing out robot designs in CAD, other students helped Ms.Hirota prepare shell leis. This was done by adding tags with the Team 359 logo onto each lei. New students were also taught how to use the water jet, as well as helping the construction team supervise the water jet.

Isaiah Hewitt


Cody Matsumoto Bags Waterjet Nate


Nate Isaiah Waterjet Matt Boys

Team 359 was still running short of some students due to them being on Maui, but that didn’t slow down our pace. In the documentation room, students worked on weekly video documentations to sum up each week in a video. In the auto shop, CAD was being used for perfecting the robot design and team members taught more about the Water jet to the new students and also used the Water Jet to carve out parts for our new drivetrain and intake to be ready for assembly when the rest of the team comes back from Maui.

Nate Flecher

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Blue Wire Hands Matt Tripp

The first Saturday of Week One was filled with planning and fabrication. The 3D Design CAD Team is finishing up the design of this year’s 359 protobot, working out all the mechanics and laying out the groundwork of the drivetrain and intake mechanisms to begin building the robot. At the same time, the Construction Team with the help of our Alumni Mentors, finished fabricating the first iteration of the robot’s drivetrain and began assembling it.  

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Click here to view Week One's Safety Sheet & Safety Tips.


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