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Week five has just begun, and the robot is near completion. The programming team has been testing the robot to make sure that all the functions are working to perfection. Meanwhile, the water jet crew  and construction team have been cutting for the completion of the robot. The graduating seniors are teaching the support team how to use the different machines, so that when the time comes, they have the skills they need to take the lead.

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With the build season becoming shorter and shorter by the second, pressure to finish the robot is starting to build up. With only two weeks left, and we have a lot to work. Even though the robot isn’t quite finished, we still had enough time to start some minor tests. The construction team and the electronics team were busy getting the robot ready for testing.

Although most of the work focused on testing, there was still plenty of work being done by the different teams. The construction team was busy manufacturing spare parts. The remaining students kept busy with preparations for our tournament after build season.

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With only two weeks left in the build season things are starting to get down to the wire. Flu season isn’t helping out either but despite sickness the Hawaiian Kids continue to press on. The construction team worked on brackets and bearing holes for much of the day, and the final robot is coming together nicely. The control systems team worked on utilizing the camera in interesting ways for this unique game as well as optimizing their preliminary code. Documentation members were keeping up with the other divisions throughout the day to make sure they didn’t miss a beat by editing the team web-site and working on binders. Finally to cap off the day, the team winded down over a lovely dinner provided by some of the team parents.

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With Week Five nearing it’s end, and still the Hawaiian Kids push on. Today, the Construction team began installing the new weight-relieved drivetrain plates onto the robot as well as mounting the electronics plate and assembling the robot components prepping the robot for the Electronics team. Our Documentation team doesn’t miss a beat catching the action of the day and updating the website.

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