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After a much needed rest on Sunday, Team 359 is back for another hard day of work. The documentation team is back on task, Max is putting the finishing touches on the week one video. Megan, is hard at work updating and tweaking the website and adding this year's community outreach events to the team binders. Paul continues to prepare the team's Engineering Inspiration Binder.

Construction Team progress got off to a slow start today due to water jet maintenance. Repairs completed, the build crew happily tapped holes into belly pan brackets.

Cody finished the MSDS binder and designed a 15th Anniversary logo for the team. He and Kobe are creating safety signs and posting them in conspicuous spots throughout the facilities to remind our team to be cautious and safe.

Vanessa Garcia

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Team 359 has been making quick progress and shows no sign of slowing!  The day began with Matt, Yoshio, and Casey designing parts for the robot on AutoCAD.  Afterwards, the construction team members began to work on more physical components of the robot.  This included Matt cutting parts with the waterjet and Tyler M., Casey, and Yoshio drilling holes in the pieces.  The parts are coming together and we’ll be ready to build in no time.

The documentation and construction support side of the team have been working hard as well.  Megan A. continued updating the website with new articles and pictures while William took video and Brianna took pictures to record the team’s progress.  Tyler Talboys, working on a new animation project, began to flesh out the story and drew a storyboard, which included basic motions and a timestamp.  Cameron has been putting the final touches on our new banners in preparation for printing on Thursday,  Draven and Kobe worked on MSDS and cleaned up some of our storage containers, and finally, Megan Bartlett has been working on inventory and reorganizing our equipment.  With time ticking away, each second is being put to good use for our team members.

Brianna Lucas



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 It’s week two of the six week build season, and the team has been working tirelessly to create another prototype shooter. Students have been working to make a CAD drawing for key components of the robot, especially the shooter. A new prototype of the shooter was made, but the new design had difficulty shooting the ball. Therefore, it’s back to the drawing board. The building of the drivetrain is also in progress, machining parts is the focus there.

        In addition to our hectic build season, sixth grade students visited from neighboring elementary schools to attend our school’s orientation. Part of the orientation is a tour of the Waialua High and Intermediate School campus and a highlight of that tour is Us.  Team 359 students presented our FIRST, VEX and VEX IQ robotics programs. Many groups came by and they loved seeing our presentations and were amazed with the robots. The majority of these future Bulldogs raised their hand when asked if they were interested in becoming a part of our team. That’s all for today.  If you like our website, be sure to check out our Facebook (Waialua Team 359 "The Hawaiian Kids") and Instagram (@thehawaiiankids).

Jeffrey Bareng

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Today, the Waialua Robotics team worked on multiple different projects for our 2014 FRC robot. The Construction team worked on fabricating the belly pan, which will eventually hold our electronics and control systems.  In addition they are prepping it for mounting onto our robot drive-train. In the mean-time, the 3D CAD team worked on weight-relief patterns on the drive-train transmission plates to be cut on the Flow water jet, as well as more CAD drawings of parts for our Construction team to fabricate.

Matthew Holmberg 

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After a long week, with many ups and downs, Team 359 is working toward week three with with much getting done. The Construction team started the day with the powder coating of the belly pan and have made a few modifications to the drive-train of the robot. Also Megan A. is hard at work updating the website with videos, pictures, and articles. In addition, the Construction support side of the team were very busy constructing the low goal for this years game. They had minor problems constructing it but managed to finished it with the help of Sean Lunasco, a parent mentor. Week three is just around the corner and there's still so much to be done, thank you to everyone who supports our team and remember to check our website daily for more updates.
Kobe Lunasco

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