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    Time flies when you’re working hard, and just like that we are already about halfway through our build season.  The build team has been spending a lot of their time building and testing different components of the robot.  The main part that was focused on today were rims and intake.  Tripp and Jeff finished putting together rims for the Robot, and once that was done they started on making parts for the intake.  While they were working on those parts, Matt C&C milled the plates for the rims.

    While the construction crew worked on the robot, Megan and Max were working on the website, videos, and pictures, making sure all of the cool things Team 359 does are showcased.
Noelani Picollo

Matt paul ball lee wood


With Week Three just beginning, The Hawaiian Kids are on track to have an amazing year. The Video Team (Max) worked on the Week Two video and prepared to start on this week’s video. Megan A. (Website) uploaded the final touches on week two and prepared the week three page. Control Systems (Megan B. & Paul) continued to work on a prototype electronics board for this year’s robot. The Robot Construction team created brackets for mounting pistons onto the robot. On a side note we would like to congratulate Mr. Glenn Lee on his “28th” birthday. He received a very nice cake and a “big mentor” card. Team 359 is making progress and looking forward to the rest of the build season!

Paul Hutchinson

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board matsunaga yoshi matt transmission

Wednesdays are day-offs for the team but many members came to robotics after school and worked hard today. Max R. worked on the final touches of the Week Two Video and the Construction Team worked on the robot's transmission.


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Today we conducted many essentials tests regarding robot prototypes.It was all hands on deck testing our robots newest launcher design, to determine its accuracy and efficiency scoring the high goal.  In addition, the rest of the R.D team (research and development team) composed of Yoshio,Trip,Matt and Casey and our mentors worked towards building our prototype robot; with great progress over all this week. Many hours put into this week to get prototyping out of the way, although tedious, it is essential for a well functioning robot and ease of overall building ahead of time.

Elijah Cornwell

yoshio matthew matsunaga noelani weld

Sunday January 8

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The team can hardly believe that week 4 will start in a couple of days. The end of a school week means another weekend of diligence and paced work. Today was no exception as the control systems crew continued to stay on the ball. They hit a landmark in their progress by installing all of the required electronics in the designed footprint for it’s board. Across the room the Animation team started to transfer their storyboards from paper to computers and even made the first set of an estimated 1800 frames. Everyone thinks drawing is fun but when you have to draw nearly 2000 frames things can seem a bit daunting. However the team gladly accepts this challenge!

The Construction team continues to rally as they started working on an alternate ball manipulator and scoring mechanism. This idea was part of an original plan but was scrapped due to sizing issues. After much deliberation and planning with students and mentors the design is being revisited. And we assure you, it’s not only because it looks way cooler in action.

Casey Nakamura

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With Build Season almost halfway gone, The "Hawaiian Kids" kicked it into high gear and went to work. Construction team had worked on various components of the shooter, and trying to find that “sweet spot” to mount the shooter onto the robot. While the control system team had finished the electronics board, they tested the solenoids and the motor controllers to make sure they work on the actual robot. Animation team continued  with the storyboard by adding backgrounds to their themes. Even though the day ended late the team looks forward to the final two weeks and crunch time of the 2014 build season.

Yoshio Yoshizumi

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