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Today was a slow day for construction support; however our RD team yielded great success.  We conducted our first run through of our finished product. Although some slight adjustments need to be made, the team is well on their way.  Our documentation team worked on the open house video which wraps up the teams activities for the year.  Draven, Cody, and Mr. Matsunaga worked on troubleshooting our banner printer, they fixed a broken belt.  With only one week left, Waialua robotics is feeling the stress of the final build day where we hope to have a very successful robot.  
Dillon Nahooikaika

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   As the countdown to the end of this year’s Build Season draws near, the Hawaiian Kids continue to work tirelessly. As the day went on we worked on various assignments as we prepare for the end of the season. A couple members of our Construction team, with the help of one of our mentors Garrick Ferreira, were able to complete both Blue and Red sets of bumpers as well as water jet polycarbonate holders for our robot’s air tanks, and worked on the robot’s Bill of Materials. On our Electronics team, Mr. Wood continues to work tirelessly on our robot’s programming and control settings for our two drivers. Documentation team as well as Mr. Lee work with the entire team in preparation for our upcoming Open House. Even with deadlines coming up Team 359 is making great progress during this nearly over 2014 Build Season.

Matthew Holmberg

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Sunday January 8

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With only one day left till the 2014 Waialua Robotics Open House, The Hawaiian Kids finished what needed to be completed and started cleaning and preparing for this annual event. Since Open House is when our team reveals the robot to the public, the construction team put the final touches to the robot, by polishing it, tightening the screws, and removing unnecessary parts. While the robot was being put together, the programming division worked on the vision tracking; they tested the robot and practiced scoring into the goal. As for the video division, they made final adjustments to the open house video.  It was a busy day for Team 359, as they finished the program binder and submitted all the documents, but tomorrow, February 14, 2014, will be the busiest. The team will show all the attendees what we have been doing for the 2014 six week build season. 
Yoshio Yoshizumi

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Sunday January 8

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On Friday, February 14th, the Hawaiian Kids prepared for the big finale of build season; the Robotics Open House.  Friends, families, and other teams gathered at the school to take tours of the facilities, lead by our very own students.  

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The crowd of 100+ people was divided into four groups and were showed exactly what each member of our team does.  Some, such as Megan Bartlett, demonstrated their prowess in programming, while others, like Yoshio, Matt, Casey and Tripp gave an overview of what happens in the auto shop and how each of our machines were utilized to create our fully functioning robot.  Other fields explored included animation, the creation and organization of team binders, graphic designs such as t-shirts, stickers, and banners, and the upkeep and organization of the team’s website.

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At the end of the day, said robot was unveiled for the first time, directly following the presentation of the 2014 Build Season video.  Yoshio and Casey demonstrated its advantages and their personal skills with controlling the bot, fully prepared to enter upcoming competitions. The event ended with hearty food and a team picture, filled with shakas and smiling faces.

Brianna Lucas



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